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Ziyan Huang (Jerry)Assignment 4Brand PositioningProfessor GaurTarget audience:HR in Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. HRs (interviewers who hire people) from Ping An Bank are usually female, aged 30-40, who look friendly and easy-going. They are sophisticated and skeptic when checking people’s resumes and asking questions during interview. Usually, HRs care about four things: 1. Graduate school ranking. 2. Working experience in bank 3. Oral expression. 4. Personal character. They prefer people who are enthusiastic, energetic and hard-working. Q1: Compared to other people who also look for jobs in Ping An Bank, my points of paritywould be: 1. I have earned a master degree in a Top 40 U.S. graduate school. 2. I have some intern experience in another bank. My points of differentiationwould be: 1. I am confidence in speaking and self-expression. I can serve both Chinese and American clients because I speak fluent Mandarin and English. 2. I am energetic and hard-working. I always have passion in learning something new, which is a key for me to develop working skills. Q2: My brand essence: “Energetic, hard-working and modest.” Q3: Positioning statement:             Ziyan Huang is for employers from bank,  Who look for excellent employees. Ziyan Huang is an energetic, hard-working NYU graduate student,That has passion in developing new working skills. Because he can speak fluent Mandarin and English, And have one year working experience in China Merchant Bank, So that employers can trust him as a reliable candidate.