Zip car

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Zipcar Zipcar Questions What are the latest advancements that the management has initiated in the company? What problems doe the management experience with the increasing population of customers in the car-sharing industry?What are your strategic measures do the management has to expand the customer base for Zipcar?What are the key corporate social responsibility benefits of Zipcar to the community?Does the management have measures to maintain its sustainable competitive advantages in the current dynamic the car-sharing industry?Does the management have sure strategies to achieve sustainable and profitable growth for Zipcar in the car-sharing industry?How does the management control the vast network of the Company’s services in different locations despite the various challenges involved?Does the action plan that proposes integrated cost leadership/differentiation strategy best suits Zipcar to maintain competition in the car sharing industry?Opinion Based on the report, Zipcar has a strong management team. A competitive management team has been a great factor of success behind the company’s international expansion to gain market dominance in car-sharing industry. However, Zipcar faces several challenges that must be addressed. The company has a range of emerging competitors, for instance, in the car-sharing industry. It must addressed competition to ensure sustainable and long-term profits. The services offered by the Zipcar Company are flexible since the customers do not have direct interactions with the employees but communicate via customer services. The Zipcar has one of the most effective marketing strategies, which enable it to dominate new markets. Word of mouth advertisement is fundamental to convince their potential customers of Zipcar. Zipcar has a significant advantage over its competitors through the opportunity of collaboration with schools and universities in Canada, UK, Spain, and America. The collaboration increases the potential profitable market for Zipcar. It is noteworthy that Zipcar faces a variety of threat concerning the competition of new ventures in the car-sharing industry. Again, there are possibilities of customer migration from the Zipcar to other new coming car sharing companies because of their influence.