Zionism and the Negation of the Diaspora

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This research will begin with the statement that the concept of the negation of the Diaspora was a slogan that showed a negative attitude toward the Diaspora. It was commonly supported by the Zionists who suggested that solutions to the national problem can be found beyond the Diaspora. This position of the Zionists reflected a negative attitude towards Diaspora or exile, which is an objective attitude because it relates to the issue itself rather than the reactions of the Zionists. This paper argues that the negation of the Diaspora demonstrates an objective negative attitude that the Zionist Jews had towards Diaspora, and the Zionists demonstrated this slogan by opposing dispersion and advocating for the establishment of Jewish State in the historic homeland of the Jews. This slogan was demonstrated through the acts and thoughts of Zionists. Zionism rose as a movement of the Jews in the western world that fought for the Jewish rights and unity after being dispersed and alienated in foreign lands for a long time. Zionism considered religious mechanisms essential to revive and foster a national consciousness of Jews. They were concerned with the establishment of the Jewish solution to the Jewish problem. Zionism is also considered as a movement that supported the establishment of a Jewish state in the Jewish historic homeland in early 20th century. Zionists existed in different groups, but they all had common thoughts for the Jews.