Zinn Burgers and Pizza

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Indeed, organizational behavior basically defines the interaction of human beings in a given organization and analysis of individuals and groups characteristics facilitates better understanding, work place, leading to improved performance. The organizational culture therefore primarily promotes shared vision and collective goals of the organization. Hence, the Zinn’s lack of effective vision became the major factor for the organization. Vision and mission statements are important paradigms of an organization that provide the workforce with the strategic goals and objectives. They also facilitate collective goals and promote understanding across the diverse ideologies of the workers so that are able to work together to produce a cohesive outcome.
Hofstede has discussed five major dimensions of culture that significantly impact workplace outcome. They are important consideration in the contemporary environment of competitive business and can be broadly described as follows:
It describes the comfort level of people with inequality amongst themselves vis-à-vis distribution on of power and rights. In a global company, it positively impacts the workplace environment because people tend to accept the leadership of their superior and motivated to work within their criteria of specified work paradigm. In Zinn, the managerial leadership has not been able to inculcate trust amongst the staff and they lack motivation.
In the highly competitive environment of global business, the people are concerned about their future and therefore, work harder in order to remain at their job and avoid uncertainty about their future.