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Scott Gegenheimer holds the title of CEO of the Group (Zain, Believing in the Power of Dreams, Annual Report 2012). 2. The two letters have been written by the Chairman and the CEO of the Group basically addressing the shareholders. The basic message in the letters comprises assisting the shareholders to know about the broad operations of the company throughout the year with the deliverance of certain useful information. These encompass short description of the financial results, business practices, marketing strategies, current position in the operating business markets, future goals and most importantly its rise in profitability from the preceding few years, making a greater appeal to its current and potential shareholders (Zain, Believing in the Power of Dreams, Annual Report 2012). 3. Letter from the Chairman. In this letter, the first paragraph depicts a short description about the challenges faced by the company throughout the financial year 2012. Additionally, this section explains the changes in the external as well as the internal environment and how the company addressed those challenges with the adoption of few developmental based projects and effective business policies. The next part of this letter explains the operational results of the Group including net income, earning per share and consolidated revenue with relevant data. Correspondingly, the next section of the letter depicted a detailed understanding about the launch of various networks by the company and its restructuring business process in different parts of the globe. The last section of this letter portray the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) based activities that the company performed towards the society and the environment with a conclusion seeking for continuous support from the esteemed members of the Group (Zain, Believing In The Power Of Dreams, Annual Report 2012). Letter from the C.E.O. In this letter, the first section provides a brief explanation about the journey of the company and the experience of the person as the CEO. The next section of the letter includes the description of the services or the products that the company offers to its customers and how it is adopting effective strategies to raise the level of customer satisfaction. Correspondingly, the next part of the letter reflects the review of the business conducted in the financial year of 2012. The last section of the letter presented looking forward statement with an aim to show the potentials of the company to compete in future (Zain, Believing in the Power of Dreams, Annual Report 2012). OTHER MATERIAL 4. The 2012 annual report of Zain includes various sections including Chairman and CEO statement, company overview, key milestones, share price evolution, business operations, group technology, financial statements and practice of CSR activities among others. All the information has been provided and explained in a proper sequence. Additionally, it can be viewed that the annual report has been prepared with the focus of keeping it quite simple and easy to understand by the customers along with the shareholders (Zain, Zain Group’s 2012 Annual Report Earns Accolades at ARC Awards in New York). The materials contained in the annual report and the messages that these communicates can be viewed as quite impressive owing to the reason that one can obtain a clear idea about the financial performance of the company and also the effective strategies that the company adopted. FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS 5. Zain provides adequate financial information to the shareholders through presenting those in its annual reports. The shareholders of the company are provided with appropriate financial information concerning the operational performances as well as other related financial