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I was fascinated to watch past and present of human civilization under one roof. This visit not only helped me to understand various civilizations of the world, but also gave me an insight of the human race. It was an eye opening, magnificent trip and worth watching experience. After spending more than 3 hours at the museum, I realized that this museum is truly the backbone of New York City.
The foundations of Metropolitan Museum of Art were laid in the year 1870 by a group of concerned American citizens. The aims and objective were to serve the community by letting them know about the arts, history, education and cultures of the world, what were the past practices of humans and what are they up to these days. Museum is a centre of history, culture, arts, science and scholarly activities. An overwhelming amount of antiques, collections, accessories, costumes and interiors are present in the museum. Museum has millions of visitors annually and has served many citizens of the world.
Museum has notable ancient Egyptian civilization collections which gives a precise picture about Egyptian heritage. This place is a heaven for the students of history and culture, as they can find each and every minor detail there. The Asian civilization (in which I have some great interest) collections are marvellous. Chinese calligraphy along with the Indian Mughal dynasty interiors are of utmost importance. 1st century Rome interior collections are very exciting to watch. American civilization from day one is clearly depicted in the museum so that people around the globe would know that from where America started and how it made a prestigious position in the world. A section of Islamic arts shows beautiful Islamic calligraphy which is worth watching. Just to make clear, written details are also available in the museum so that there would be no ambiguity in mind.
Musical and arts section carries a lot of value for those having interest in music. Classical musical instruments