You Can Prevent Global Warming

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The process brings with it lot of rework also say for example a user is not a good penman and while writing Jhonny, he misspells it as Jonny and when he realizes his mistake, he has to take a new form fill it again and go through the whole process again which not only time-consuming but also very tedious from end-user perspective.To remove all these problems and to make the whole process optimum and efficient we need to go the electronic way. i.e.: Maintaining the whole database on our server and giving a link in the main website will solve the purpose. This will reduce the possibility of errors which occur due to manual entry as we can provide a dictionary interface there and this will moreover speed up the whole process.Saving paper will be of great benefit to us from two ways, one is that we can cut down on paper usage which will help us channelize our funds in other direction and other being that going paperless will also see us contributing towards social cause of going green and thus making this world a better place to live.The ancient form of written registration was no doubt a boon in past and it has proved to be of great help for maintaining the records over years. Tracking the old entries and adding new ones to it was all done through these methods only and it was of a court severy successful method for maintaining the records in that frame of time.But as know very well that, nothing in this world is permanent but the change itself. So we need to pace up to match up with the present scenario around the globe and this is very important when it comes to comparisons with our competitors. We should not be in any sense lagging behind in comparison to our competitors but should make every effort to be always ahead of them.