You Are Consulting With A Family Where Sometimes A Mutation That Leads

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You are consulting with a family where sometimes a mutation that leads to deafness (D) and
a mutation that predisposes individuals to early heart failure [H] are linked. Normally these
two traits sort independently but, in some individuals. a reciprocal translocation has moved
them to the same chromosome [the two chromosomes affected are shown below]. Normal arrangement Translocatjon arrangement
D D H –.Chromosome with
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H u… Chromosome with
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h Ii Description of chromosomes: Normal arrangement [on left], two separate chromosome pairs are shown. One pair [top]
contains gene a gene D, one homologue has the D allele, one has d allele. The other pair
[bottom] contains gene H. one homologue has H allele. one has 1! allele. Translocation arrangement (right): This shows the chromosomes as they‘d appear in a
translocatlon heterozygote From the chromosome pair originally containing the D gene —
one homologue (top) has a translocation with D and H alleles now located near each other
on the same chromosome. and one homologue has the original — d — allele [bottom]. From
the chromosome pair originally containing the H gene – one homologue (top) has neither
the D or H gene [no D or H alleles] and one homologue [bottom] has the h allele. Science