You and The Field of Organizational Behavior

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Organizational Behavour: Organizational behavior is a science that tries to explain the behaviors of people and groups in an It emphasizes on characters, steps, qualities and the results as intereactions between or among people and the institutions. As a science,it combines other discipline explaining the behaviors of these people within the organization.(Ricky 35). It emphasizes on on behaviors such as individuals’ beliefs,feelings ,population and values.In addition to this, are relationships amongst people such as politics and power. There’s also the element of team behaviors- variety and force. It also emphasizes on teamwork. The following graduate programmes have been found:The Management Journal which is considered to be the backbone of management practice using research methods to explain the findings. Another programme is Management Learning and Education which tries to explain the research on how managers tend to learn and as a result put what’s been learnt into practice. It also helps those who are interested in education sectors such as heads of learning institutions. The primary audience are mainly tutors and scholars.(Ricky 57).In addition, the other programme is the Management Perspectives which tries to address issues that are theoritical to practical .In this programme, it critically analyzes what’s known, combines different theories and research into one outcome and finds out new ideas which can be of importance to the practice.(Ricky 96).Another programme is the Management Review which concerns the emerging theories to help comprehend management within sn organization. It explains the roles of an organization to the society.( Ricky 98).Other programmes include Applied Psychology which emphasizes on culture and psychology at large, Management Studies which combines different disciplines on an institution’s strategic plan and human resource management, Leadership and Organizational Development programme which develops on behavior development worldwide.Ricky W.G.Organizational Behavior:Managing People and Organizations. New York:Cengage Learning , 2009.Print.