Yoga As an Intervention for Children with Attention Problems

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Sometimes, the process could even include medical treatment. (Doorlag, D. H., &amp. Lewis, R. B., 2006, p. 229.
For the classroom setting, there are many invaluable interventions that are available to manage the behaviour of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. (ADHD) However, there are a number of interventions that need not be restricted to a small group of children, but teachers could make use of them for the entire class as they are not only beneficial but also allows the child with ADHD to remain anonymous. (Harlacher, J. E., Merrell, K. W., &amp. Roberts, N. E., 2006, p. 6). It is often not practically possible for the teacher to give special attention to a child with ADHD, so it is a much better idea to use such interventions that would benefit the whole class. Classwide interventions are of two kinds: one that targets the academic aspect and the other that targets the behavior aspect of the children with ADHD. (Harlacher, J. E., Merrell, K. W., &amp. Roberts, N. E., 2006, p. 7). Hence the teacher uses discretion when choosing the right intervention to be used.

Good interventions are indispensable for children with learning disabilities such as ADHD. These interventions help the child to have an effective learning experience by minimizing the problems facing them. In this respect, group and individual counseling are a good intervention for children with ADHD as it gives them a platform not only for counseling but also to interact with the other children having the same complaint. Counseling sessions not only help the child to understand external cues (Myrick, R. D., &amp. Webb, L. D., 2003, p. 110) but also helps the counselor understand the skills that are needed to enhance the learning experience of the student. Group counseling is a better choice than individual counseling as children can interact more closely as it resembles real-life situations that they would come across in the day- to- day lives. Activities associated with& counseling would give ADHD children the chance to understand the feelings and emotions of the academic and social problems they are experiencing.&nbsp.