Yearly Gross Income of Piper

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Higher figures of equivalised net household income represent a higher standard of living (Ringen 1991).
V. Going by the figures on the cash flow of piper and Larry, this arrangement is by far very beneficial to Piper. At the end of the year, their total balance brought forward is £9,849. This means that Piper will finally be able to afford a laptop worth £800.
b. Weights are utilized to reflect the importance of products based on their shares in the sum consumption of the household. The weight associated with each product determines the impact of changes in its prices on the overall index (Technical Note, 2014)
Over the past few years, unsecured debts of the UK households have increased. They are in the form of personal loans, overdrafts and credit cards. As a result, there is a widespread concern that an increasing number of households are taking more debts than they can afford. These concerns arise from the possible consequences of the macroeconomic and financial instability of the families and the country’s economy in general. This paper looks at the factors that influence the level of unsecured debt among households and their access to this type of debt. The information herein appears to contradict the opinion of Bloom (2014). According to Bloom, unsecured debts were designed for people who are experiencing financial strain. Below are the factors that influence, access, as well as the level of unsecured debts among individuals and households.
There are numerous ways through which amount of household income affects their possibilities of taking more unsecured debts. The differences in the level of income can have significant variations in the probability of the various households taking part in unsecured debt. People who receive a low level of income have higher probabilities of using unsecured debt compared to the ones who earn more income.