Yale MBA

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To guide me more towards this long term career goal, I had set my short term career goal as to become the Chief Representative of Omzest, a multi-industry group with more than seventy companies, with which I work as the Personal Assistant to Dr. Zawawi, it’s Chairman and the Advisor to the Sultan of Oman. The work profile included that of a relations officer and business development executive. These dual roles would lead me towards the goal, as the responsibilities would cater more to my futuristic vision. Moreover, this interdisciplinary role would help me to enforce a better impact on the business world around me.The experiences I have had till now assert the scope of the career goal aimed. My first job at CCTV12 soon after graduation from Renmin University in law and international politics exposed me to different business realms in the Middle East and inspired me to get assigned the challenging professional opportunity in Omzest. My major responsibilities were to connect the business opportunities and international relations between Oman and China resulting in the worldwide exposure of Oman and its commerce, especially in America. I would initiate Strategic consulting, Investment advisory and Political event planning for Omzest and the Sultan of Oman, which contributed to the acceleration of Oman’s globalization, on the other side setting the paving for my futuristic career goal. Two key competencies developed while working in Omzest were a ‘General management perspective’ through cross-functional opportunities, and a ‘Global Vision’. An opportunity to attend global summits in a number of countries along with the Sultan of Oman enabled me to integrate business and political opportunities by developing inter-country relationships at a strategic level through bilateral business relationships. This also helped me to have a global perspective on my career vision.