Wynn Las Vegas Environmental Analysis

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Growing number of visitors provides an opportunity to Wynn Las Vegas. For example, they can offer more creative, luxurious, economical and mesmerizing hospitality services to the potential clients for Wynn Resorts. For example, they can offer additional concession or attached offer if a new client first time avails and enjoys the hospitality services in the Resort.Switch, Las Vegas-based technology firm, plans to create more jobs in Las Vegas by bringing more technological investment to Las Vegas (Komenda, 2015). This increase would directly benefit to hospitality firms, such as Wynn Resorts, as the availability of the latest technology will enable them to access more customer data and that data can be further processed for churning out the customer trends which can be used to increase the frequency of customers by looking into their tastes, choices and expectations from the firms operating in the hospitality industry.Technology offers faster and greater access to information. For example, faster and greater access to information will enable the potential customers to choose the most economical offer and rate. And this could lead to decrease in occupancy ratio.Nightlife has become a modern trend in Las Vegas. It has become a common habit of residents and visitors to enjoy nightlife in Las Vegas as many entertainment places are open throughout night. And this trend has become a cultural part of Las Vegas.Wynn Resorts should avail this new trend of nightlife structure by providing attractive entertainment services and offers to the current and potential customers. For example, double offer can be provided in which availing and paying for one service would bring access to the attached service with that purchase. Through this double offer, Wynn can increase its occupancy ratio and can attract more clients.Porter’s five forces model is consisted of threat of substitutes, bargaining power of buyers, suppliers,