Writing(only one paragraph due in 7 hours and maybe yo will need login my canvas to check some data)

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Only one paragraph and due in 7 hoursTopic ProposalConsider our brainstorming activities (Pew and CQ Researcher surveys) and mostly online conversations, as well as the various podcasts you listened to or heard about. Do some additional research on Gale Virtual Reference, CQ Researcher, and PEW as well as check out the databases EBSCO Academic Search Complete, LexisNexis & ProQuest for topics you’re interested in and type up a topic proposal.Your topic proposal is a paragraph description of what you’re hoping to investigate. It should outline the topic a bit and indicate you’ve done a little preliminary background research. You can discuss what’s controversial or debatable about it, as well as possibly give a little background information. Your topic proposal can be possibly developed into an introduction. Note: You’re welcomed to e-mail me questions and I’ll try to help you develop or brainstorm your ideas.09/05/202020english