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The reading responses for chapter 2 are as follows:Read Chapter 2 of the Critique Handbook by Kendall Buster and Paula Crawford. Chapter 2 can be found as a PDF in the files section of Canvas.Next title your work.Finally, write an artist’s statement about the sculptural work you create for the Assemble It assignment and discuss it by using the vocabulary, ideas, and concepts presented in the Critique Handbook. You must relate your work to issues and concepts from at leastthree different chapter subheadings. Indicate clearly in your responsein boldthe subheadings you are addressing and the page number where the subheading is located in the chapter. For example, Lynn Dau’s sculpture entitled “Disorder” looks like an exploding sink because of the way the stainless steel flatware has beenconfiguredas described onpage 68 of the Critique Handbook. Then elaborate further on your topic sentence. Your statement must be a minimum of three paragraphs and 400 words. This assignment is worth 5% of your grade and is due the same day as the classroom critique for the Assemble It project.08/05/20205english