World Heritage Sites

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In most cases the places that have been highlighted as world heritage sites usually have a special physical appearance or culture that is associated with it. The places are usually designated as those that have a special significance to humanity. The selection process of these places is usually a rather complicated one majorly due to the fact that there are several places that may all be proposed for inscription as a world heritage site. The body that elects those sites that are to be listed as the world heritage sites is the United Nations General Assembly. At the same time the list of all the heritage sites of the world is maintained by the International World Heritage Programme which is under the UNESCO. There are certain special conditions under which these sites may receive funds say for maintenance and upgrade from the World Heritage Fund kitty. There are certain countries that have had the chance to have several sites listed. An perfect example in this case happens to be Italy. It is to be noted that the country has close to 47 sites that have been inscribed as world heritage sites…. It is to be appreciated that as a result of the world heritage sites program there are some countries that have benefitted tremendously as a result of this .The main reason for this is because these sites automatically become tourist sites. Over the years these sites have always attracted large numbers of people who are marveled by the features they entail or at the same time there are those that visit the sites with the intention of getting to know more about them. The nomination process that has been set forth is quite a rigorous one especially for the country that wants some of its sites to be listed therein. For starters the country in question must first take an inventory of all its natural properties and cultures which it perceives to be of importance. In actual sense this is called coming up with the Tentative List. After this is done then the nomination process begins. It is to be noted that a country is not supposed to nominate a site or culture that is not in the Tentative List. After this is done those sites that have been selected are then to be placed in the Nomination File. After this is done there are bodies that evaluate the file and make their recommendations to the World Heritage Committee. These bodies include the World Conservation Union and The International Council of Monuments and Sites. The Heritage committee then meets once a year and this is the time when it makes the decision of whether to inscribe particular sites or not. Preservation and Development It may be asked that who owns the site once it has been inscribed as a world heritage site. In actual sense it is the property of the country that it is