Workplace counselling and therapy

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Personal problem contributing to poor job performance are usually complex and multi-faceted. They often include issues that few supervisors are trained to handle – complicated issues like.
Besides reducing cost associated with employee’s personal problems, Nyack Hospital employee assistance program provides training for managers and supervisors to help then develop skill and confidence in resolving employee’s performance issues. The program also offers additional training modules for management and staff on issues such as sexual harassment, promoting a drug-free work place, stress management, parenting and many other human resources development topics.
The employee assistance program enhances existing benefit program and demonstrates company’s commitment to and concern for its employees well being. Dollar for dollar Nyack Hospital’s employee assistance program is one of the best investments an organization can make. Having a program like this one can help your organization contain cost in many important ways including.
As above stated employees assistance program (EAP) is undertaken by few supervisors or specialists who are trained to handle complicated issues. These complicated issues are problems that employees undergo while working.
They may arise from their homes or within their workplace. …
These complicated issues are problems that employees undergo while working.
They may arise from their homes or within their workplace. The problem should be solved so that they don’t interfere with an employee’s. This is another reason why Nyack Hospital has endeavoured to provide this program for its employees.
In this regard employees’ assistance program addresses the following problems as stated above and explained in detail below.
Stress at work.
Stress means arousal o stimulus. This is a condition where an employee is disturbed by other factors either within workplace or external problems (An introduction to workplace counselling, J. McLeod, 2001) This condition does not allow the employee to concentrate in his work as his or her mind is divided. The condition affects both the employee and the organization. While in this state he or she being unable to perform affects the organization in terms of productivity. The general perception has been that stress in an organization occurs to middle level and junior employees. However, it starts right from the top. Senior managers are not superwomen or supermen. they also undergo stress at work. However, they learn the art of delegation by the time they read at the top. They have secretaries and assistants who help them
The assumption that death, divorce and moving house are the three biggest causes of stress has been overtaken by office as the principal focus for stress. The biggest contributing factors to stress are: –
Pressure to perform
Fear of redundancy/job uncertainty
Change/pace of change
Personal/home life
Increased job load
Excessive hours
Maintaining quality.
In general, organizations are