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The inconsistency emanating from the relationship between him and the head of department may seem obvious and an easy task to resolve. However, the issue may run out of control and hurt the whole organization. Therefore, establishing the different concepts as honorable approaches to resolving the rivalry could serve to save the company from animosity, with an advantageous outline of handling relevant future problems.Adapting to the concept of avoidance can serve as a vital tool to resolving the problems prevailing between the head of department and the employee. The concept asserts that the individuals could differ from direct confrontations (Cooper). For instance, George could undertake his tasks towards achieving the organizational set goals without hindrances, and in accordance with the set of rules and regulations. The head of department may resent to the issue of job performance with the aim of completion targeting to improve the quality of output. The concept may serve to adequately restrict the H.O.D from interfering with employee performances so long as they are up to the set rules and regulations. Avoidance concept could further restrict the manager from meddling into George’s undertakings as he remains naïve of the dealings till the point of delivery.In the event that the H.O.D enforces inapplicable regulations causing strenuous relationship between him and George, the concept is relevant to competitive conflict style. In this concept, the high ranked individual seems to express an unchallenged authority over his subordinates in order to feel satisfied. For instance, the H.O.D exerts pressure to George to work towards achieving his solely set objectives despite the fact that they are set to benefit the organization. The concept depicts an understanding that the approach may restrain the subject to quit all his duties entirely. Competitive rivalry between the manager and the employee,