Worklife Balance and Wellness

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According to the research findings, it can, therefore, be said that employees in the modern age have several interests that they shuffle in their daily interests, ranging from their basic needs to luxury and prestige. At the workplace, we can classify these interests as life and work interests which could pose a challenge to the employee if not well managed. Work roles entail career and personal development plans while life entails leisure, religion, family and other non-work roles. An inherent conflict exists between the two fields of roles where one often antagonizes the other. As illustrated in Appendix, we can improve our productivity by ensuring an appropriate balance is established between life demands and work demands. Where an imbalance exists, the organization is faced with challenges which reduce the overall productivity of the employee, leading to below par potential. Stressing situations are likely to affect the employee who lacks a defined differentiation between work and private life. In such an instance, the organization is not capable of tapping the unique talent, creativity, and hidden potential that the employee possesses. Commitment and motivation from a poorly balanced work-life experience result in lack of initiative, poor customer service and antisocial tendencies that spur unethical practices. The work-life balance, therefore, entails the assistance that the human resource management needs to instill in the workforce, to accommodate a mutual coexistence of the two persons that the employee wears when in work and in non-work interest endeavors. It is a difficult management role since the two roles are inseparable but a balance can be created for desirable results. As observed earlier, human resource management comprises a wider scope of roles that workforce managers conduct by harmonizing every factor that influences the productivity of an employee. The human resource manager has the role of initiating and sustaining the program to ensure that work-life balance becomes a well-entrenched practice within the organization.