Working With a Family

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This essay stresses that the migrants are given the opportunity of quality houses and also other social resources. More so, the migration network always paves way for the new migrants to gain information that is related to other economic opportunities and employment that is known to them. For the Political Reasons, these migrants tend to move from one country to another by force. This is due to the constellation of the various interrelated political events like violent persecution, war, oppression, tribal conflicts or unresolved religious and, life-threatening conditions.
This paper makes a conclusion that there are three non-mutually principal motive that explain the differences of the migrants. More so, there are also theoretical explanations that can facilitate effective intervention and practice among the policy planners and social work practitioners. These are: Social Assistance, Legal Support and Social support. These are just ways in which these migrants can be supported in three deferent ways. For social support for example, there can be a widely establish social network that can help the migrants to secure jobs within their reach. For legal support, migrants. legal status are of great influence to their adaptation in the society. Economic Assistance involves the ability to improve the lives of the migrants. As a social worker, these are the things that should be given first priority when dealing with migration issues that affects the migrants.