Working Experience as Accountant

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Insert Working Experience as Accountant Internship in Brokerage Firm I have had an internship in Brokeragecompany for four months as an investment accountant as from 1st April to 31st July 2013. As an investment accountant in the firm, I was able to manage portfolio accounts and log the business activities in the appropriate ledger accounts. I was also able to record, keep monitoring and present report on transactions associated with a particular custodian of firm’s accounts and keep accurate reports on all portfolio activity. Through the internship I have gained sufficient experience in the development and utilization of specific methodologies and practices to manage investment accounts, stock, bonds, and securities. I addition, I learned competence in reports on stock performance, delivering forecasts of revenue opportunities. analyzing portfolio data and making recommendations about prospective capital investments that help in decision making of the firm.Internship in Cooperative Bank I have gained experience as a bank accountant at an internship as from January to April 2014 at cooperative bank. As a bank accountant I have prepared journal entries, posting to the general ledger and also posted the journal entries. I have also posted subsidiary ledgers and performed ledger accounts reconciliation. I also have prepared cash position of the bank on daily, weekly and monthly basis to ensure the bank had sufficient cash for making day-to-day transactions. I was also required to prepare stock reports and ensure the reports were viewed by the management. Moreover, I assisted during preparation of financial statements including a balance sheet, income evaluation statement, and cash flow illustrating statement. The internship session equipped me with the experience of delivering solutions as an accountant in the bank and now am competent in that position.Work citedMarks Satin. Changing Role of Accountants in Banking. Adventure works press. 2014