Working Conditions and the Challenges

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Factors affecting working people today is also another compelling story (Friedman). It details the economic and social conditions that affect workers in contemporary society. Top of the list is unworthy working conditions, coupled with other factors such as low pay or underpay, change in technology, insecurity, and cultural and religious differences. The central theme in the stories is unworthy and deplorable working conditions that modern-day workers face in their course of duty. Poor management or negligence in the part of the administration to offer its workers a suitable working environment is a central reason for sickness and work-related injuries. From the journal reading, there are some policies and strategies that employees should adopt to ensure workers do not fall sick. Sickness and absenteeism affect productivity in the workplace, and this is detrimental to the success of an organization. It is essential that employers ensure the safety of their employees at all times through the provision of appropriate safety equipment and provision of a healthy work environment. In addition, they should adhere to and enforce necessary labor policies.