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Listening enables one to communicate with other effectively. thus minimising social conflicts that are likely to occur in the learning institution. Performance Indicator/Critical Analysis The criteria used involves monitoring the progress of students especially their communication skills in order to determine in case they are capable of communicating both verbally and non-verbally. As a Spanish teacher, it is significant to take into consideration communication arts such as reading, writing, listening and speaking. Too much verbal communication and listening may be disregarded as literary aspects that take priority (Connor and Pokora (2007, p. 62). Speaking and listening skills can be examined in other content areas beside communication arts. Therefore, I will assess speaking and listening skills in meaningful situations by distributing scoring guides to students when assigning them classroom presentations. Another performance indicator is supporting and expanding learner expression in speaking Spanish, writing, reading and listening, and in this regard, use of visual arts is crucial in enhancing comprehensive reading, writing, listening and communication skills of students….
-Providing class examination tests in order to determine in case the students are able to perform better in the Spanish language. -Carrying out assessment programs and writing reports every week regarding the progress of students. -Asking questions in the classroom and allowing students to interact through classroom discussions. Use of classroom discussions is a vital strategy because it improves the communication, listening skills and contributes to comprehensive reading in the classroom. -Listen and communicate effectively with students, as well as, offer instructions as these are among the effective performance indicators for determining success in the learning environment. -Explains points clearly in details and give constructive feedback in order to increase effective learning performance. -Listing priorities for effective learning progress and suggesting significant actions. -Collecting data that will be used for identifying and making effective plan for the necessary alterations or modifications of the instructional teaching program. Proposed Future Actions I intend to develop effective communication skills in order to become a successful educator who communicates effectively across the organisation. Amason (2011, p. 71) argues that effective communication skills is the key aspect for creating organizational change. This is because effective communication can enable the leader to create mutual rapport not only with employees but also with customers. thus increasing organizational performance. Serban and Friedlander (2010, p. 122) argue that communication in the 21st century has significantly changed. thus creating effective skills development plan is nowadays valued across learning intuitions. Therefore, I will