Wonton Soup Szechuan Style

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In addition to its authentic ingredient, Wonton soup Szechuan style is also prepared the traditional way called “Szechuan” by the Chinese which takes around six hours to prepare. It is also cooked on a slow fire to retain its taste. Its sauce is also a derivative of the town on weed giving it an authentic wonton taste. None of its ingredients was ever frozen to ensure the freshness of the delicacy.
We are lucky to have Wonton soup Szechuan style in the menu of Royal Palace because this delicacy is rare. People who wanted to taste Wonton soup Szechuan style used to travel to Hongkong just to taste them but it is now available in a nearby restaurant.
Wonton soup Szechuan style may be costly at around $50 dollars a plate but it is worth it considering its authentic taste and preparation, its health benefit and above all, its taste.