Wong Kar Wai and Fashion An Analysis of Three Films and the Motifs and Themes Represented

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Rather than using fashion as merely a visual aid to the storyline that is being told Wong Kar Wai’s work actively incorporates it as a means of addressing variables that spoken dialogue or imagery another variety simply could not.Upon a review and analysis of Fallen Angels, the viewer is left with the very firm impression that the entire film is evocative of a dream-like state and the means through which individuals create images of self-worth, roles, and functions within society. Naturally, all of this is told within the backdrop of a shoot-em-up. however, the deeper realization of introspection and the role of the ego is nonetheless evident throughout. Going hand in glove with this representation for the way in which the ego seeks to define the individual, especially within the dream, Wong Kar Wai illustrates this further by parading a cadre of exceptionally well dressed, impeccably groomed, and extraordinarily good-looking actors and actresses in front of the camera lens.Everything from the clothes they wear to the types of eyeshadow that are utilized and the angles that the camera follows them is focused on the fashion and visual appeal that they represent. Once again, such an approach helps to underscore the differential between reality and the ego/subconscious mind. illustrating how an idealized personal interpretation of self is so far removed and distant from the way it is represented within the real world. Ultimately, the way in which fashion is used within this particular film is not directed towards selling a particular look or even fitting the fashion of the individual with the scenes that they take part, instead, it is much more concentric upon defining the attitude, nature, and root understanding of the character as much as the physical actions they engage in or the dialogue that they speak with others. Likewise, the way in which the personal narrative that is defined by each character grows and is exhibited in various scenes is perfectly reflected through the use of fashion as a means of underscoring a high ego and sense of self-worth in each of these.