Wondering How To Quantitatively Determine Rna Of Two Stages Of Development?? Need Two Experiments And The First

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2. Using standard cloning techniques, you have obtained a genomic actin clone from chicken
using an actin probe from quail. When you use your chicken genomic actin clone against total
cellular RNA derived from a sample of skeletal muscle of chicken (Northern blot) you find that
2 different RNAs show strong hybridization to the chicken actin probe. After an extensive and
exhaustive search against your chicken genomic library you are unable to obtain a second
chicken genomic actin clone. The conclusion you reach is that the chicken genomic actin clone
used as probe is hybridizing to two different sized mRNAs which represent differentially
spliced variants of a single genomic actin gene. You clone the two cDNAs which represent the
two mRNAs and after sequence comparisons with each other and with the genomic clone you
determine they are in fact two splice variants of a single gene. Your next experiment is to
quantitatively determine the relative amounts of the two mRNAs in samples obtained from
skeletal muscle at different stages of development. Briefly outline in point form two different
experimental procedure(s) you could perform in the lab to accomplish your goal. (8 marks)Science