Women interviews

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However, as women grow older the purpose of their life becomes different. More so, that the life of women becomes interesting and intriguing when one looks at the life of other women in other countries. As a woman myself, it is interesting to know how other people were successful in living their life through their goals and outlook which is one of the essence of this paper. To have an in depth understanding of women’s life, an interview was conducted involving eight women aged 22, between 28 and 30, 50 and 54 from Syria, Kuwait and Bahrain in the Middle East. Although, they come from the same continent, they differ in backgrounds, religion, and ethnicity. My respondents are all from the Arab countries not far from my own background to make the questioning process easier owing to the fact that I can relate to them and I know how questions are thrown and done. The gathering of data was guided with prepared questionnaires revolving on the experiences of each respondent across their life span. The strategy employed was through phone and email interviews. Content Interviewee # 1, Amani, is a descent of a Kuwaiti father and a Ukranian mother. She is 22 years old and during the interview, she was located in Kuwait. She is single with a steady date. Because of her inclination to music, she is very good in playing piano and now enjoys being a pianist. Her talent and interest is not confined in that aspect alone but also had extended in sport making her a swimmer. Amani was my old time acquaintance during our high school days as we both attended the same school together. Considering the distance, interviewee # 1 was interviewed through email. The following are the responses of interviewee # 1 on the required and additional questions. 1. Tell me about yourself? Response: Right now, I work in a restaurant however it is on a part time basis. I am a student from Kuwait University majoring in Architecture. 2. What are the things your parents told you about being a woman? Response: My dad told me when I was still a young girl to dress appropriately at all times, always wearing the veil and having long sleeves or better yet the Abaya attire. My dad further reminded me to conform to the culture of my country regarding womanhood. 3. What are the most important issue facing women in our society? Response: I think, it has something to do with choosing our partners in life. This is an issue in my belief because in my culture, parents have to interfere with whom you are going to marry and not according to the dictate of your heart and will. 4. Additional questions: In your opinion, why do you think women mature faster than men? Response: I believe, it is because women give birth while men do not. Giving birth makes the body a year older because you give your nutrients to your baby while in uteru. Moreover, it is likely that a woman is subjected to stress of becoming a parent since she does all the caring of the children, caring for a husband, and keeping the house. 5. What are the qualities you look for in a man? Response: I am more concern on the mutual love and understanding. I care less on what the person has but care more on the personality of the person. Man is human with feelings. Summary I observed that interviewee # 1 has an independent thinking unique to a Kuwaiti woman and has the courage to stand on it specifically in her answer in number 5 where she followed her heart and not the dictate of her culture. The norm in Kuwaiti culture is to be in relationship with a man having a higher salary. This makes the life of most women in Arab countries more difficult. Women who find themselves caught to be involved with men belonging to the lower echelon of the