Women Empowerment

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Although laws and regulations have been in place for quite some time, research has shown that there has been a spike in women’s involvement in managerial positions in the United Kingdom. This comprehensive research methodology provides a brief overview of the hypothesis, the research strategy and design for the research. The research methods that will be employed to gather the necessary information, followed by the data analysis methods, will also be discussed. At the end of the module, a brief statement about ethical issues at hand and a conclusive statement will be provided.

The United Kingdom has been considered as a pioneering modern society that has embraced the changing societies and ideas. they are the prime example of modern society. For the literature review to be objective and the research to be authentic, the sources that were used for the gathering of the theoretical material were done from scholarly articles and researches that have been conducted in the past. These researches substantiate the theory that there has been an increase in the development of women empowerment, especially in the Managerial level positions in the United Kingdom. There has been a spike in such a development in the past 10 years. showing that the laws, regulations, and society is doing something right to propagate such behavior in society.

One needs to realize that it was not long before those women were not considered as men’s equals. there was a visible discrepancy between them were men were perceived against women. Women were not considered for strategically important positions in the past. The race towards the top for the women was slow and steady. Women have now reached an epitome of success. 15 out of 500 fortune companies have women CEO’s and this figure is expected to improve with each passing year (CNNMoney, 2010).
In order to understand the causes and reasons for the increase in women&nbsp.empowerment, researches have been conducted in the past to see if literacy levels, understanding from the other gender, increase in the women’s career-oriented personalities, their likelihood to come back to work after marriage and maternity.&nbsp.