Women Commit Less Crime than Men

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Through the years the percentage of crimes committed by women has been increased. If taking into account the social and financial conditions of everyday life around the world, this assumption could be regarded as partially justified. However, specific measures should be taken for the limitation of the phenomenon and the decrease of the percentage of crimes committed by women around the world. The circumstances under which women proceed to criminal actions have been extensively studied in the literature. Towards this direction, the study of Radosh (2002) revealed that ‘the common life experience of prior physical or sexual abuse is among the most consistent recurring themes among incarcerated women. for these women, crime is a symptom of other painful life experiences while nonpunitive response offers more hope for a future without crime, and this approach is suggested as the most appropriate means of responding to womens crime’ (Radosh, 2002, 300). In other words, the criminal behaviour of women can be often explained using their experiences within a particular environment (family, friends and so on). However, through the years the development of other reasons that can lead women to commit crimes cannot be excluded. In fact, criminal behaviour can be based on a series of events/ reasons.In a study made in 1976, Simon presents a series of statistics related with the criminal trends among women regarding specific criminal offences. In order to formulate a valid assumption regarding the criminal behaviour of women, the above researcher proceeds to a series of tests related with different crimes and the potential response to them by women of all ages. It should be noticed that significant differentiations in the criminal behaviour of women has been found to exist. On the other hand, there are specific criminal actions that are not sufficiently examined at least regarding the participation of women.