Women and the advancement they have made in society

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19 Apr. Women and the advancement they have made in society: The status of women in the society has improved manifolds in the last five decades, and their rights have generally been acknowledged. Today, women are much more educated than they were fifty years ago. They have come at par with men and work shoulder to shoulder with men in every matter. The per capita income of women has increased over the years. Women have made their representation noticeable in the social and political scenario. Moreover, extensive local, national and global networks of women have succeeded in putting women’s concerns on the global agenda and catalyzed the creation of legal and institutional mechanisms to address these concerns (Perspective: The eradication of violence). Today, many NGOs are functional that work for the rights of women. Despite the rapid advancement of women in the society, women have continued to be the victims of domestic violence. A lot of women are mutilated, humiliated, raped and abused every day. However, the reaction of society to such issues has changed in the favor of women. In the past, many such cases went uninvestigated for many reasons. Either women were too shy to bring such issues in front of the society and put their modesty at stake, or else, the systems were not as established to ensure an efficient working against the criminals. However, in the contemporary age, women have become quite vocal regarding the injustice they are offered which has shaken the foundations of violence in the society. Women have physically achieved much of what they have long waited for. Nonetheless, they need to be psychologically stronger in order to escape being victimized as usual. Works Cited: Perspective: The eradication of violence against women and girls. One Country. vol. 18. issue 3. 2006. Web. 19 Apr. 2011. .