Woman study

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They were seen as tools for cleaning, cooking, sex, giving birth to children, raising them up, and even worse ‘a punching bag’ in many instances. Women have borne the brunt of it all, violence, oppression, threats, sexual exploitation, and God knows what else. Talk about ‘coming up from the streets’ and a woman would know exactly what that means. After all those years of torment and ill-treatment, women have managed to rise up victorious because of men and women from across the world who spoke in one voice to stop this abuse.
Feminists helped shape the future of women to a great extent by handing them the power to do what they felt was right with their life. This changed the era where women were maltreated so that a new era of equality began.
There are different feminist theories that have been established and massively supported over an extensive period of time. A lot of other factors including, religion, courts, people, science, the media and even governments for that matter have had a major part to play to implement this change. These have sculpted society in a manner that would benefit everyone and send a fitting reply to few-narrow minded people who still live in their own shadows while they hang their heads low.
The appearance of feminists’ theories was not occasional. Eventually, it came as a natural process. People were trying to understand the nature, of social life, and hoe to transform inequitable social relationship. A particular focus of many feminist theorists was the process of creation of sexual hierarchies. The other important focus was providing proper interpretation of these theories as well as explaining the reasons why these theories were created. To come close to the point, feminists tried to question standard social order and to spread their own idea about social life and the main social practices of this life.