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WK3 PROJECT METRICSJonathan MatosUniversity of PhoenixBUS/475 Integrated BusinessProject metricsWith the increased in competition in the online business, there is need for Wal-mart to exploit its opportunities in conquering this competition. The high growth economic condition of Wal-mart can enable the organization to expand its business in the developing countries. The favourable prices that the firm offers will enable the organization to acquire many customers and promote its sales. In addition, the firm should seek to associate with small business in those countries so as to have a basis of establishing its retailing business. The success of the online businesses is measured in regard with the sales they make and the profits they gain in return for the sales. Bearing in mind that Wal-Mart fair price has limited its profit margins over the years; the only solution that can solve this is through promoting more sales which is possible if the firm expands its business to developing countries. Globalization has enabled more developing countries to join the online world and therefore they are equally capable f participating in the online trading. This implies that it is actually the right time for Wal-mart to expand its business territories so that it can be able to access a larger crowd of potential clients in the developing countries (, 2017)RACI chart Project activity Strategist Project manager 
HR manager consultant Decide on specific countries R C I A Decide on location of warehouses R I A C Establish relationship with local business R C I A Acquiring qualified employees C I A R (R- responsible, A-accountable, C-consulted, I-informed)The firm has to narrow down the list of the developing countries to those specific nations that it will initially start with. In order to identify the countries that it will begin with, the organization has to ensure that it analyses the potential clients in those countries so as to ensure that it does not spend a lot of finances in establishing their business in various countries and end up experience losses. This implies that it will have to check on the government requirements for online businesses in these countries including taxes and licenses of establishing business there (Solis, 2016)After coming up with the specified countries for setting its business in, it is important that the firm strategies on the location for the warehouses to ensure that it serve the clients as per their expectation. The firm has to strategies its warehouses in areas where the number of clients are high to ensure easy and fast delivery. The firm has also to determine the costs of establishing these warehouses in different areas to ensure that it minimizes the costs. The success of this objective will be attained if the firm is able to locate the best strategic locations that are closer to the customers (Keen & Williams, 2015)In this new market, the firm ought to have a guide in the market which will be facilitated by the local businesses. It is therefore important for the industry to associate with the local retailers so as to ensure maximized sales and enable them reach more clients. The local retailers will act as the merchants of the firm who will actively help in advertising the firm to the local people and enable the firm to present the different items that it sells (, 2019)In the new market areas, the firm will require to have employees who are trained and qualified to carry out specified task. It is therefore important to prioritise the process of hiring employees so as to ensure that the fire does not establish its branches and then lack skilled employees. The firm has to evaluate the labour costs so as to ensure that the capital costs do not rise above the set amount (Yu, 2019)In conclusion, Wal-mart Inc should use the opportunities it has in maximizing its business operations so as to gain competitive advantage. The firm can maximize its profit margins and promote its sales through expanding its business to developing countries in order to reach many potential clients in these nations. In order to meet this goal, the firm has to establish various objectives which will enable it measure its success in achieving this goal.ReferencesKeen, P., & Williams, R. (2015). Value architectures for digital business: beyond the business model.Mis Quarterly,37(2), 643-647. Retrieved from, A. B., Galván, R. S., & Alam, S. (2017). Financial Analysis of Retail Business Organization: A Case of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.Nile Journal of Business and Economics,3(5), 67-89. Retrieved from, A., Manda, V. K., & Naveenan, R. V. (2019). Indian Online retail Ecosystem–A study on FLIPKART deal with WALMART.retrieved from, H. A. B. (2016).Analyzing business models and investment decision behavior(Doctoral dissertation, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona). Retrieved from, L. (2019). E-Commerce Models, Players, and Its Future. InAdvanced Methodologies and Technologies in Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship(pp. 193-204). IGI Global. Retrieved from