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Create a Risk Registry using the template below to accurately documenting the risk elements form the scenarios that can be used to track issues throughout the project. Risk Description for Risk Registry Likelihood Impact Risk Owner Resources Required Estimated Completion Date <Briefly describe the risk< <Low, Medium, or High< <Low, Medium, or High< <List department or role< <List hardware, software, personnel, and/or policy needed< <Provide a date based on the risk complexity and today’s date< Using the Assignment Scenario, complete the following worksheet. Description of Vulnerability Security Control Number and Name Security Control Type System Categorization for Risk Level Impact Last Assessment Information Asset Assessment Method Policy Alignment <Describe the vulnerability< <List the Security Control name and number< <Common, System-Specific, Hybrid< <High, moderate, or low< <Identify any security assessments from the past< <Describe the asset that will be tested< <Identify at least one way you can test this asset< <Indicate what security policy aligns with the asset< PHI/EPHI Policy TemplateVersion:<Indicate the version of the policy, its revision date, and the approver.