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Week 2 Journal Week 2 Journal The four Ps present the most renowned marketing strategy since its inception by McCarthy in 1960. This paper looks at how Verizon Wireless, a cell phone service provider in the US, uses the four Ps to market internet-connection service. Personally, I use this service for my cell phone data connection and the service has enabled me to access the internet at high speeds for a relatively fair price.
With approximately 123.5 million subscribers, Verizon Wireless prides itself as the leading cell phone services provider (Product) in the US. Critical to its growth has been its consistency in providing reliable data connection at rates that most Americans can afford. The company relies on its brand reputation to market its internet services. To meet the needs of different consumers, the company has various subscriptions depending on the type of data connection a customer wants (Lamb, Hair &amp. McDaniel, 2008). With shops in almost all major cities in the US (Place), customers can be sure to get internet connections whenever they want. Additionally, customers can visit the shops during working hours or call the company’s customer care lines for home connections.
Verizon Wireless acknowledges that pricing (Price) is a critical factor in marketing and as such, the company provides internet connections at varying rates depending on the needs of consumers and their financial capability. In so doing, the company targets both low income earners and high-income earners. Pricing is also made with consideration of the company’s competitors (Lamb, Hair &amp. McDaniel, 2008). Equally, the company promotes (Promotion) this service through advertising on TV, radio and billboards. This ensures that it remains competitive in the market and that potential customers are reminded, continuously, of the company’s services.
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