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Collection of intelligence information al Affiliation) Information collected by the intelligence has to be evaluatedto ascertain the source. The target has to be evaluated before the information is collected. The essence of assessing the source aims at providing information that is evidence based and thereby prevent wastage of money and resources when following up information that is misguiding. Raw intelligence information is acquired through a number of activities that include. searches, technical and physical surveillance, liaison relationships, covert, satellite sources, electronic and human source operations. Human source intelligence is considered the oldest method of information collection. The intelligence is collected from human sources. Collection of such data entails clandestine acquisition of documents, photographs and other related materials1. Going for the source of information ensures that the data collected is reliable and viable. Human intelligence entails all the information that is directly obtained from various human sources. It includes a wide range of activities from direct observation and reconnaissance to the use of spies and informants. The source of information is of essence since the information can be distorted when being moved from one source to the other. It is important to evaluate the target of collection before actual collection is done to avoid confusion and to ensure the information is thoroughly collected2. The intelligent information may end up not being viable in cases where wrong targets are selected. It may also take a long time to reach the source if the wrong targets are the ones selected in the beginning. Being aware of the source of intelligence information will help to identify the magnitude of the threat and thereby coming up with effective mitigation measures. Intelligence officials are therefore tasked with a mandate of ensuring that the information collected is reliable and of essence. Bibliography Niemeyer, K.Transformation: Military and Science. Information amp. Security: An International Journal, 2009- 23, 245-258. doi:10.11610/isij.2319