Wk 2 Criminal Defense Case Analysis

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Assignment Content Resource:Lexis Uni, University Library, the internet.Synopsis: For this assignment, you will locate two criminal cases that raised different types of legal defenses and then write an analysis on these two cases.The first case should concern one of the following justification defenses: Necessity Self-defense Resisting unlawful arrest Defense of others Defense of home and property Consent The second case should concern one of the following excuse defenses: Insanity defense Duress or compulsion Intoxication Mistake of fact or law Infancy Entrapment Syndrome-based defense Write a 700- to 1,050-word case analysis in which you identify and examine the types of criminal defenses that were used. Include the following: Explain the nature and types of defenses used in the cases. What evidence was used to demonstrate the defense? Explain the similarities and differences between justification and excuse. Describe how justification and excuse play a role in the cases. Describe the outcome of each case. Formatyour case analysis consistent with APA guidelines.Submit your assignment. 11/05/202020law