Window Displays at Louis Vuitton

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Louis Vuitton in London continues to use fixturing today to dispense its merchandise productively as well communicating the right environment on its retail floors. This paper analyses the use of storefront Window Displays at Louis Vuitton. Generally, the company opens on a shopping mall walk or a street with the aim of attracting passersby who would otherwise not enter the store.Windows displays remain an integral part of success in various service design programs and provides many benefits. This discourse undertakes an evaluation of windows displays in service marketing besides highlighting the benefits accrued from the application of the same. The paper aims at aiding fellows engaged in the process to express realistically and precisely the actual benefits to aim at. Samples from various literature materials by various scholars indicate that technically three major benefits emanate from window displays in service design projects (Ray 102). The benefits spread over three categories affecting customers’ services and users, the service design program, as well as the entire institution involved in the design project. It is important to comprehend that the benefits closely relate to the process of enhancing the creative process, management of the project, the service process, as well as long-term influences. This forms the basis of this discourse proposing that people involved ought to draw their goals first before engaging in any windows displays process, then rearrange the goals in tandem with the windows displays activities. This helps in generating related benefits to the drafted goals.A view of the windows displays at Luis Vuitton reveals several important elements of successful merchandise (Fox 41). To begin with, the displays are economical. The available space, products, and materials fall into appropriate utilization. Secondly, the displays are versatile. In this case, the windows show almost all kinds of products sold at Louis Vuitton and fit almost every aspect.