Window and linux updates/patches Wk 6

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Windows or Linux Up s/Patches Week 6 Windows or Linux Up s/Patches Week 6 Most of us are aware that our copies of Windows or Linux need to be periodically updated with the latest patches. How often do you do YOUR updates? One is made aware that there are options provided by Microsoft, for instance, in selecting an automatic updating option where users need not manually check if there are updates that need to be installed. As indicated in the Microsoft official website, if you turn on Automatic Updates, you automatically get the most important updates for your computer. You only need to visit the site to check for optional updates for your software and hardware. If you do not use Automatic Updates, you should visit the site as often as possible and at least once each week (p. 1). What else do you, or should you, update other than Windows itself? Whatever software programs (security, Windows, Adobe, WinRar, Skype, and other programs being used) are installed in one’s computer needs regular updating. In some instance, users likewise install other software programs that would identify which programs need updating, such as the Software Informer (Sofware Informer, 2012). How often should updates be done? As indicated above, if one has opted for automatic updates, whenever there are security related updates, usually once a month, one’s software programs are automatically updated. If users do not use Automatic updates, as abovementioned, frequent visits or at least once every week must be done to determine from the official sites if any updates are released for the users’ updating.Description of Philosophy about Updates In the article published by the Information Technology of the Columbia University Medical Center (ITCUMC) entitled Operating System and Software Updates, updates or patches are crucial to ensure security in one’s personal or professional system and to retain maximum functionality, as required.1. What to update: One needs to update both the operating system and various software programs installed. As advised, software programs such as Word, Excel, Adobe Reader and Acrobat, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Symantec can also require updates and patches from time to time. Since the OS or software program has to contact its parent company, your computer must be online to get new information about updates ( ITCUMC, 2011, par. 2).2. When to update: Updating is generally done once a month except for instances when a security threat occurs, such as a widespread virus or worm that affects Windows-based computers, Microsoft will release a corresponding update as soon as possible. Other types of updates can be released whenever they are ready. It’s a good idea to turn on Automatic Updates so that your computer can receive high-priority updates as they become available (Microsoft Corporation, 2012, p. 1). Likewise, one’s research reveals that Microsoft releases most of its updates and patches on the second Tuesday of every month. If your Windows Update feature is turned on you should receive these automatically (ITCUMC, 2011, par. 9).3. Who should update company computers: For company computers, there are peoplefrom the Information Technology Department composed of qualified and competent technical staff to monitor and update the needed programs. Otherwise, by turning on Automatic Updates, company computers would receive the needed improvements and security details when they come due. If I am a business owner, I would maintain a qualified technical staff to address software and hardware requirements or be personally apprised of all needed updating and patching details.References Information Technology: Columbia University Medical Center (ITCUMC) (2011, December 19). Operating System and Software Updates. Retrieved April 26, 2012, from Corporation. (2012). Fast Facts About Microsoft Update. Retrieved April 26, 2012, from Informer. (2012). Home Page. Retrieved April 26, 2012, from