Wikis for IT Project Management

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The word wiki has been derived from the Hawaiian word for quick or fast, meaning that a collaborative team can quickly construct a website. Wiki is a website that is used to share and add information on the web. It is basically a collection of interconnected pages that share information for a specific purpose. It was first created in 1995 by Ward Cunningham to deal with increasing number of pages in user groups and discussion groups. According to Cunningham, the wiki is the simplest online database that could possibly work for searching, creating, editing and browsing information.
In technical terms, a wiki is collaborative server software that enables users to create and edit interlinked web pages through a web browser. It is open source software that supports hyperlinks and has easy to understand text syntax to create new web pages and links connecting internal pages of the wiki. Wikis allow users to write shared documents in simple markup language on a web browser. It enables users to interact and query complex, non-linear problems. It allows users to create and update pages at ease, often without even user authentication. Such open purpose wikis do not any have a firm set of rules regarding the way information is to be organized. In contrast, wikis may also be purpose-oriented and editorial rights might lead to deletion of information that is irrelevant to the subject. Such wikis are usually on private wiki servers and require user verification to edit pages. An example of such a wiki is Wikipedia, the largest and the most successful online database of information.
In Project Management, wikis serve as an effective platform to create and disseminate information in a timely manner. Here, I shall be discussing three most important advantages of wikis for IT Project Management.