Why/Why Not?

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Is Dr. Kline a good choice for the project manager. Why/Why not?


St. Francis Assisted Living Facility St. Francis Medical Center, a 450 bed rehabilitation non-profit hospital began to see a significant decline in admissions. St. Francis’ mission focuses on inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation of the severely injured and catastrophically ill. While the patient census varied from month to month, it appeared to the St. Francis Board of Trustees that the inpatient population was slowly but steadily declining. The hospital’s market researchers reported that fewer people were being severely injured due to the popularity of seat belts and bicycle/motorcycle helmets. In order to get a handle on the future of the organization, the Board, and the CEO, Sandra Kline M.D. called for a major strategic planning effort to take place. In January 2018, St. Francis held a planning retreat to identify future opportunities. The outcome of the retreat was that the Medical Center needed to focus its efforts around two major strategic initiatives. The first, a short run initiative, was to be more cost effective in the delivery of inpatient care. The second, a long-run strategy, was to develop new programs and services that would capitalize on the existing, highly competent rehabilitation therapy staff and St. Francis’s excellent reputation in the region. At the time of the retreat, Sandra Kline’s parents were living with her family. Her parents were a