Why We Had to Drop the Atomic Bomb

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There were a lot of discussions and debates regarding the use of nuclear weapons against any enemy nation. Some politicians were of the opinion that the Japanese were ready to quit the war without using atomic bombs, because more than 60 of its cities had been destroyed by conventional bombing. Some of them also thought that Japan would never surrender, because the Japanese had demonstrated near-fanatical resistance, fighting to almost the last man on the Pacific islands, committing mass suicide on Saipan and unleashing kamikaze attacks at Okinawa. I think that President Truman had taken the right decision which helped the US to finish this war much earlier and without enormous casualties on both sides. Given below are some factual support points which explain why we should drop the atomic bomb on Japan: Harry S. Truman and other officials claimed that the bombs would help them to avoid a bloody invasion, and also would help US to make the Soviet Union “more manageable”.