Why Police Officers Killed in the Line of Duty

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3. Rationale: It is quite ambiguous to discover the exact reasons why police officers are targeted to be killed by criminals. Many of the bogus reasons for this heinous crime have been that of self-defense on the part of the culprits, or it occurred in the course of fending off racial maltreatment common to some over-ambitious police officers.

4. Objective: The crucial objective of this research is to explore the core of this subject matter and argue critically why such an occurrence happens in the first instance, and how it could be constructively prevented.

5. Statement and significance of the problem: This social problem has robbed the Police of the lives and services of some energetic police officers. And it is imperative to take a cognizance look at the problem since it is far from being over: many police officers still lose their lives across the cities and the big towns in the United States.

6. Progression or argument, research questions, themes, or other positions: What are the possible causes of this phenomenon? Why hasn’t the Police come up with a solution that could totally eradicate it? Are there any potential solutions to this problem? If any, how could such solutions be properly implemented in the Police Force?

Community policing in a free world like the United States is similar to cutting through a mountain with bare teeth! It is indeed a difficult task that requires arduous concentration, serious planning and cutting-edge management (U.S Department of Justice, 1998).&nbsp.The presence of multi-cultural communities in many cities and towns across the country even makes this task appears more complicated. Each member of the community aspires for equal treatment under the law when it comes to the issue of policing (Walter, ). This circumstance puts a strain on the police officers’ performance. Even though they have their own prejudice, they are required by laws and ethics to justly handle each case.