Why People Consider Malala Yusafzai To Be A Heroine

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Malala’s courage and her strong opinion towards girls’ education have won her awards, medals, and fame. So far, Malala is the youngest person to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Malala was nominated for the International Children’s Peace Prize by The KidsRights Foundation and she was awarded National Peace Award by the Pakistani government. Magazines and Medias also followed closely Malala’s campaigns, and her profile was published in Vanity Fair Magazine. The Times Magazine also published her profile stating she was one among the most influential people at the time. Her inclusion in the media, being recognized by the government as well as magazines publishing about her passion for the girl’s education contributed to Malala’s heroisms. And as Merriam states, success comes because of hard work, skillful and creative political analysis. Being noted by the media gave Malala the enthusiasm to follow her instincts, which led to increased vocals on the subject of girls’ education. Encouragement from her father motivated her, especially after her recovery. Malala confronted anyone who could do something to ensure this dream comes true. For example, the US convoy at the valley was not left out. Even though her campaigns increased the threat to herself and family, Malala never gave up, she even went further to take her campaigns around the world. Malala has been to Nigeria where she personally met President Goodluck Jonathan and requested him to press for action to free the 200 girls held by Boko Haram, Islamist militants.