Why It Can Matter More Than IQ

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According to this book, analytical or cognitive intelligence (measured using IQ tests) is not as important as the other type, Emotional Intelligence. So one is not necessarily smarter simply because of having a high IQ score there are other factors as well that need to be considered.
Emotional Intelligence is one of the most significant concepts introduced in the recent years that have attracted the attention of managers and businesses around the world. It means the competencies and ability of a person to understand, assess and control his/her emotions, and the use of those emotions to facilitate cognitive and social activities. According to Goleman, Emotional Intelligence (EI) plays a great role in defining the success or failure of a person, even more so than IQ (Intelligence Quotient) (Goleman, 1998). He supports his theory using various researches and identifying several cases where academically brilliant and people with highest IQ score have failed in their personal and corporate life. Conversely, people with moderate IQ scores and academic careers have achieved significant success in their social life and occupation. So IQ alone is not sufficient for having a successful life. Daniel Goleman has tried to answer this question by regarding the emotional intelligence as the most important factor for achieving success. He argued that self-awareness, self-control, the ability to understand the emotional needs of others and enthusiasm are the prerequisites for success and these can only be achieved by enhancing EI.
Therefore, lack of EI can jeopardize the chances of success in practical life for even the most sound and well-headed individuals, whereas person with high emotional intelligence can handle people effectively as well as manage his social life in a better way. hence increasing the probability of success in career, relationships and in all walks of life.