Why Is the U S Health Care Market Referred to as Imperfect

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1250 While a perfect market is defined by the factors of demand and supply, this economic theory does not apply to the healthcare sector. The fact that third-party players are paying for their direct market expenses makes it an imperfect market. On the contrary, the government should have set up a proper market that would oversee that all third party players in the U.S are included in the healthcare program. Healthcare initiative, in general, is a collaborative health promotion and disease promotion effort with a vision of promoting a healthier nation. The vision set therein of achieving an integrated approach to healthcare delivery is highly achievable. Its comprehensively set objectives are aimed at improving the health among the citizens and eliminating health disparities over time, which expected to be effective over a decade. Since this initiative does not only involve the health ministry but is inclusive of a number of players such as the medical fraternity, the non-governmental organizations and sponsors with the government at the helm, this creates an integrated approach to the health care provider for the nation (Green &amp. Jonathan, 2012).&nbsp.The fact that the initiative involves various players and does not leave the whole burden of medical provision to a single docket, the likelihood of the vision being achieved is high.