Why I Want to Work for Washington County Regional Correctional Facility as a Office Clerk

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One of my friends had got into bad company of drug addicts but timely intervention by the correctional facility was able to successfully rehabilitate him. Since then, I wanted to work within the organization. The corrective facility addresses the needs and requirements of various inmates and runs programs like de-addiction, educational programs, etc. The organization uses the unique management philosophy of ‘direct supervision’ that encourages inmates to improve behavior and inculcate social skills. The organization addresses the root problems of the offenders. It helps to provide them with effective solutions that serve as fresh incentives for them to lead a better and purposeful life.
As an employee of the corrective facility, I would be able to make a positive contribution to society. I have always been inclined towards social work and working in the corrective facility would provide me with the opportunity to serve the needs of people who have been ostracized from mainstream society.