Why I want a wife

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For this discussion board, please read the three versions of Cinderella as well as Judy Brady’s short feminist piece, “Why I Want a Wife.”As you read each work, take careful note of the style and tone. How does each writer convey the ideas they want to convey through an indirect means? Is the tone of the work sincere or sarcastic?For your initial post, please write a fairy tale in which you communicate a point about gender or patriarchy. Think of how the three versions of “Cinderella” you read do this. Try to imitate one of the styles of the three versions of “Cinderella.” Fairy tales should convey some sort of magical or mystical component, and they usually have heroes and an evil villain. They also usually deal with good and evil. As you will see in the versions of “Cinderella,” they will often repeat specific words and phrases, using the repetition to create the fairy-tale like quality of the work. Your fairy tale should be about 500 words or longer (you can make it as long as you like). Be as creative as you can, but make sure you can explain two things – how it is in the style (but not the content) of one of the three versions of “Cinderella,”and what is the moral or lesson about gender you want to communicate to your audience.18/05/202020biology