Why I Am a Good Candidate for the Aviation after School Program Instructor Position

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Why I Am a Good Candi for the Aviation after School Program Position I grew up believing in the power of education in terms of arousing the curiosity of people, specifically of children, that make them more creative and critical thinkers. I understand the high importance of education in our existence especially that the world we live in today is continuously changing. To help the children challenge their minds and encourage them to explore the world more, particularly in the fields of science and engineering, are greatest passions as an individual and a professional. Hence, when I saw the advertisement of ZL Aerofun, Inc. currently looking for Aviation after School Program, I got thrilled and energized that I can finally work with children who are interested in learning and exploring.
I can assure you that I am a good candidate for this position because I am highly knowledgeable about the science and engineering concepts involved in aviation. I am currently studying Bachelor of Science in Aircraft Operations Minor in Air Traffic Control, and I expect to complete my college education in May 2013. At present, I work for Dynamic Airways as a flight attendant, and possessing knowledge about proper and effective managing of passengers and ensuring their safety are fundamental requirements of my job. As a flight attendant, I am also expected to deliver outstanding customer service and make sure that all passengers are assisted appropriately.
As an individual, I characterize myself as someone who is highly motivated and possesses a happy disposition. I am always inspired to work and exceed expectations. I work well with children, especially when we have kids in the plane. I understand what children need to keep them busy and interested while learning at the same time. I am also a very hard-working person who is constantly willing to learn new things.