Why Community Difference Matter

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Dale City Woodbridge VA, as opposed to the way the law enforcement officers are committed to implementing the laws in Lake Ridge, Woodbridge VA (Lake Ridge, 2013). The population of the two cities does not differ significantly, with Lake Ridge, Woodbridge VA having a population of 41,058, while Dale City Woodbridge VA had a population of 65,969 according to the 2010 population census (Dale City, 2013). Thus, this research seeks to analyze the differences between Dale City Woodbridge VA and Lake Ridge, Woodbridge VA in terms of crime, community values, and moral standards, and the nature of enforcement of the law, with a focus on how such differences define different aspects of life in the two cities. Further, the different aspects of the two cities in relation to crime, community value, and moral standards will be applied within the precepts of ‘Broken windows theory’, to evaluate how a criminal theorist would address the overarching issues in the two cities.The crime rates in Dale City Woodbridge VA and Lake Ridge, Woodbridge VA differs, with the crime in Dale City being much higher compared to the crime rate in Lake Ridge city at an average rate of crime of 33% lower than the average crime rates in the State of Virginia (Dale City crime information, 2013). On the other hand, the average crime rate in the Lake Bridge is much lower, which standards at 46% lower than the average crime rate in the State of Virginia (Lake Ridge crime information, 2013).The nature of the crimes also differs in the two cities, an indication that the moral and community standards and values of the two cities vary to a large extent. In the City of Lake Ridge, Woodbridge VA, the crimes committed under the category of Violent crime for the year 2013 were estimated at 91 per 100,000 people, while the same category of Violent crimes was found to be higher in Dale City Woodbridge VA, where the Violent crimes per 100,000 people were estimated to be 113.