Why are so many young people homeless What policies would help move towards resolving these issues

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Demographic data point out simultaneous trends of ethnic minority segregation and dispersal (CCSR, 2009).
Council house can be stated as a form of social and public housing, generally demoted in United Kingdom and Ireland Republic. Council houses are operated and build by the local councils to furnish un-crowded, well constructed homes on the safe tenancies at below the market rents to mainly working class people. In 1979, the council housing role was reduced by the introduction of the right to get legislation as well as emphasis change to development of fresh social housing through housing associations. Around 40% of country’s communal housing stockpile is owned through local authorities (Government of United Kingdom, 2009).
In M. Luthra’s paper it was argued that susceptible acceptances of retreat from generally anti-racist perspectives may become an anti-oppressive exercise which may lead to reduction of every such crucial perspective surrounded by the social work to a certain extent than their regeneration. The writer after much meticulous review tells that such anti-oppressive paradigm will carry out as the social norm in future work. UK has large mixed-race residents, which constitutes around the 1.2% of population. The largest secondary group consists mainly of mixed Black and Whites group as well as mixed Whites and the Asians. There are, on the other hand, 70,000 UK people who are mixed and cannot be described by the above categories. An important proportion of those persons are Afro-Asian. Prominent Afro-Asian Britons includes Naomi Campbell and David Jordon. Huge number of Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Caribbean and the African citizens face the multiple difficulties and also negative outcomes like poor housing and health and low skills and qualifications. British African Caribbean Communities are the residents of UK who are of West Indian